Lagostina, a historic cookware manufacturer deeply rooted in the territory, innovative and able over the years to contribute to the development of society and communication of our country tells its story and explains the new strategies for the future.

The history of Lagostina is intertwined with the history of Italian society since the beginning of the last century: the company was founded in Omegna in 1901, when Carlo Lagostina and his son Emilio took over a factory to produce tin-plated iron cutlery. In just a few years, Lagostina became the first cutlery manufacturer in Italy and came to cover all of Italy's needs.

The 1960s mark the opening towards new markets and important advertising investments. In 1961, Lagostina gave an innovative response to the new needs of a fermenting Italian society: with the slogan "More flavor in half the time", a revolutionary product was launched for those years, the pressure cooker, which anticipated the health trend that would spread during the years of the economic boom. A product that in a short time became an icon, a must-have object in Italian kitchens.

In 1969, the Italian advertising scene was enriched with a new protagonist: La Linea, the character created by Osvaldo Cavandoli, became the interpreter of one of the most beloved carousels for Italians. All Lagostina communication has always been innovative and fundamental for the social growth of our country; just think of the introduction, in the first press advertisements of the 50s and 60s, of ordinary people, mothers and housewives, who actually use the product and can speak about it with confidence (forerunners of the modern influencers) or even Walter Chiari's mother as the first example of Glass Testimonial.

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